Past Fuel Projects

Explore 2014's projects below and find out how your gift, no matter the size, can immediately help Furman students. 

Goal: $3,000 
To fund the production of the second annual TEDxFurmanU. 


TEDxFurmanU is Furman's own independently-organized, completely student-run TED conference (Technology,Entertainment, and Design). The theme for this year's Furman conference is Stories: Common Thread of Humanity. Donating to TEDxFurmanU allows the conference organizers to attract the most brilliant storytellers for the event on March 22, 2014 at the Gunter Theatre at the Peace Center.  
Goal: $1,000 - FUNDED
To power a student created, course registration system for one year. 


Zach Hall, Furman senior, created during his sophomore year to provide a student-friendly, searchable interface to find courses and alert users when the classes they wish to take have openings. The newly revamped allows users to view pertinent information about Furman classes on one page and also allows searching by class name, teacher name, time, date, and general education requirement. Ultimately, Zach hopes to provide ClassGet to other universities and create customized solutions for their class finding needs.


Water Walk: It takes more than a village to move a village
Goal: $5,000 FUNDED
To provide 125 people with potable water for the rest of their lives. 


In 2012 and 2013, more than 700 students, faculty, staff and members of the local community walked at least one mile with at least two gallons of water.  The Water Walk efforts have already raised more than $30,000. Donations collected will be used for a potable drinking water system for the Sanik-Ya and Chitulul communities in Guatemala. The estimate for the total cost for the water project is $100,000.

Furman’s third annual Water Walk will take place on Saturday, March 29th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. around Swan Lake. The Water Walk hopes to have 700 Furman students, faculty, staff and local residents walk with two gallons of water around the iconic lake. Students have asked this year's walkers to donate $5 to participate.


Greek Life  
Goal: $5,000
To assist five students per semester in paying Greek dues through partial or full dues scholarships.


Philanthropy is a key component of effective citizenship and the Greek community at Furman. The Office of Student Activities has identified the need for a need-based scholarship for students who may require assistance in paying for dues to belong to a Greek organization. By supporting this effort, you will provide students with an opportunity to have a similar experience as a member of a Greek organization, creating in them a deeper affinity for Furman and connecting them to a group of brothers or sisters for life.