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What is The Makery Project?

During a Furman May Experience course called “Design for Social Change,” a group of students partnered with community members in Greenville to envision a space where students and residents come together to gather, teach, and make. The Makery Project bridges the gap between the Furman campus and community by popping the "Furman bubble" and connecting students with local residents through engaged learning opportunities.

FUEL Furman funds will be used to furnish and upfit our space, allowing The Makery to adapt to multiple uses. Any additional money will provide programming and will help to cover our operating expenses while we develop a long-term organizational model.

The Makery is both an initiative and a space. Through its programming and adaptable venue, The Makery serves as a community hub that can be adapted for a variety of uses - from workshops and pop up shops to performances, gallery exhibits, concerts, community meetings and more. Beyond the space, The Makery empowers students to connect theory to practice in an environment where ideas are born and relationships are formed with people from all walks of life. 

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Why it Matters:

The Makery Project exists to bridge the gap between campus and community. Many Furman students rarely leave campus, and if they do, it is only to traverse the Poinsett Corridor on the way downtown. From Sans Souci to Poe Mill and New Washington Heights, these neighborhoods are full of undiscovered potential. The Makery Project is a platform that connects students with residents through experiences that create shared value: skill-sharing, craft workshops, art exhibitions, collaborative projects, entrepreneurial ventures and more. 

The Makery Project is a work in progress. It is a platform where people come together to share skills, develop ideas, experiment and learn in the process. The process of making develops curiosity and builds resilience, which fosters an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for solving problems. While these skills are necessary for success in work and life, they represent attitudes and abilities that make a difference in the world. As a student-run venture, The Makery Project equips participants with entrepreneurial and creative skills that can be applied to any discipline.

How it works: 

The project will be designed, implemented, and run by students, allowing them to apply their knowledge and learn valuable lessons in collaboration and leadership. It represents a small bet and a first step towards developing a culture of collaboration and innovation at Furman that puts people first. <

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