Fuel Paladin Network

Goal: $2,500 


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About this Project: 

We are applying for the FUEL program because we want to make Paladin Network one of the most successful student organizations on Furman’s campus. We have two goals. The first goal is to increase membership. We can do this by making our organization more widely known across campus by marketing our products and our brand. The second goal is to improve quality of production. We can do this by improving and expanding our inventory. Both of these require money but that money could provide future students opportunities to excel in video production. That will give them technical and conceptual skills. 


  1. Increase and expand inventory by 2015-2016 school year in order to improve production quality.
  2. Increase membership.

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Paladin Network Soccer

This is our current Student Government Association budget: 

  • Audio equipment - $1,000
  • Cameras - $2,000
  • Marketing - $1,000
  • Damages/Officer Stipends- $1,000

With money from Fuel Furman, this would be our budget for next year. 

  • Audio Equipment - $1,750 (+750)
  • Cameras - $3,500 (+1,500)
  • Marketing - $1,250 (+250)
  • Damages/Officer Stipends - $1,000 (+0 because it involves stipends and unexpected damages)

Paladin Network Equipment

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