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The Bell Tower Boys, Furman's all-male a cappella group, envisions going on what we call "Recruitment Tours" during the spring semester for future years. The primary purpose for these tours would be to travel to high schools throughout the southeast to evoke high school students' interests in attending Furman University. By entertaining high school students with the raw, unique sound of Bell Tower Boys a cappella music, we would utilize these performances to talk to student bodies about what makes Furman an outstanding institution in which to attend, shine, and prosper. We aim to serve as ambassadors to Furman: we aim to create intimate, memorable experiences for high school students so that they may view Furman as a school filled with vitality, opportunity, scholarship, and, of course, great a cappella music!

In addition, the Bell Tower Boys have been invited to audition for NBC's a cappella television series: The Sing-Off. Auditions are in Nashville usually, however we would require more funding to supplement our efforts of appearing on the televised competition. This would be an inimitable opportunity for us to represent Furman University as a wonderful school as millions of viewers watch The Sing-Off!

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