Affinity Marketing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Furman sell my information?
No; each affinity partnership is a Furman-led process where we send the messages and they do not keep contact lists. Additionally, alumni can opt out of third-party messaging.

Why does Furman have affinity partnerships?
Furman needs affinity relationships to provide funding for alumni programming. We prefer to use funds that come through partnerships like this one versus relying on donor dollars that are better put to use for scholarships, study away, and research opportunities. 

What does Furman do with the money they receive through these partnerships?
Funds received through affinity marketing relationships are used to support and subsidize alumni programming efforts like Homecoming, Young Alumni Day, Business Breakfasts, and more.

Can I unsubscribe from affinity marketing lists?
Yes! Simply click the unsubscribe link from received e-mail messages or email and request to be removed in advance. 

How are possible partners vetted? 
Affinity marketing partnerships are vetted by alumni and engagement staff, the vice president for development, and often the governing body, the Alumni Association. 

Do other schools do this?
Yes! Nearly every public and private school in the country participates in alumni affinity marketing programs.